Emergency Supply Kit Checklist

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit

It is recommended that you have....

  • One gallon of water per person per day; enough for at least three days (or as long as is suggested in your area). Water should be stored in unbreakable containers that you are able to handle.

  • Non-perishable, high-energy food supply, keeping in mind any dietary restrictions you have. Choose foods that are easy to store and carry.

  • Basic utensils, including a manual can opener

  • First aid and hygiene supplies (including toilet paper, moist wipes)

  • Powerful flashlight and extra batteries, and some light sticks (candles are not recommended)

  • Portable battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries 

  • Cell phone and extra battery

  • Two-week supply (minimum) of your prescription drugs and other medicines.

  • Clothing, rain gear and sturdy shoes

  • Blanket or sleeping bag

  • Cash, credit cards or traveler's checks

  • Phone numbers of relatives and friends, insurance agent, emergency numbers

  • An easy-to-carry container, such as a backpack or duffel bag, to carry supplies in the event of evacuation.


Source: Assisting Hands Home Care in association with IlluminAge. c 2012 IlluminAge.