Protecting yourself and loved ones from identity theft


Published in January/February 2020 Issue

Senior identity theft is growing rapidly and people ages 50 and older are commonly targeted.

Senior man looks at the touch screen on his smart phone.

Warn Seniors About "The Grandparent Scam"

Published in April/May 2017 Issue

These scammers play on the emotions of a grandparent, knowing that love and concern often will override prudence. The request is always urgent, and the scammer often includes a plausible reason why the grandparent should keep the situation a secret.

Don't Be Part of the Medical Identity Theft Epidemic

Published in August 2013 Issue

During the ongoing national debate over healthcare reform, there is one point most people can agree on: the need to curtail the growing epidemic of healthcare fraud.

2013 is Named the Year of Elder Abuse Prevention

Published in January 2013 Issue

Elder abuse takes many forms, including financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. The Year of Elder Abuse Prevention is an opportunity for Americans to take action to protect seniors by raising awareness about this serious issue.

Avoiding Charity Scams

Published in December 2012 Issue

For many of us, along with exchanging gifts and celebrating traditions, the holidays are a time to feel the spirit of giving by sharing with the less fortunate. This year especially, the need is great and there are many fine organizations that can help ensure our gifts of money or goods get to those who need them.

Online Holiday Shopping: Buyer, Be Cautious

Published in November 2012 Issue

In advance of the holiday season, the FBI reminds shoppers to beware of cyber criminals and their aggressive and creative ways to steal money and personal information.