Puzzle: An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time when we think about the blessings in our lives. And thankfulness itself is something to feel grateful for! Gratitude is good for our health, say experts. It lowers stress and can even lengthen our lives.

Expressing gratitude to others is even better. Don’t hesitate! A recent experiment showed that people often underestimate how much others value expressions of appreciation. A research team from the University of Chicago instructed study participants to write a letter thanking someone who had touched their life in a meaningful way. The letter writers weren’t sure about that—would they be able to express themselves clearly and choose the right words? Would the person they were thanking think it was strange to receive such a letter?

In fact, the people they wrote to were much happier than the letter writers predicted. The study team reported, “The letter writers were unduly concerned about their ability to express their gratitude skillfully. While the writers worried about choosing the right words, the recipients were happy simply by the warmth of the gesture.” Added study author Amit Kumar, “It suggests that thoughts about how competently people can express their gratitude may be a barrier to expressing gratitude more often in everyday life.”

What are you grateful for? Make a list! You’ll feel better about life.

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