Puzzle: A Senior-Friendly Neighborhood for Aging in Place

In “Want to Age in Place? Begin Planning Now,” we looked at elements that allow seniors to thrive at home, even as their needs change.

But even if your home is ideal, it’s important to consider the neighborhood, as well. How will your neighborhood support your well-being? A neighborhood that is safe, walkable and has good transportation and support services makes all the difference!

And it’s not only the neighborhood infrastructure that counts. Sidewalks, parks, bus services and an easily accessed grocery store are all important. And studies show that green spaces and opportunities to interact with nature improve the health and emotional well-being of older adults.

The most important element? University of Michigan researchers report that feeling connected with neighbors builds neighborhood social cohesion, which lowers stress, reduces isolation and promotes healthy aging—even lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack.

This month’s puzzle contains the names of 20 features that contribute to making a great neighborhood for aging in place. Give your brain a workout and find them all!

Need a little help? Click here for the puzzle solution.

Source: Assisting Hands Home Care in association with IlluminAge. Copyright © IlluminAge, 2017.