Puzzle: Lowering the Risk of Dementia

Genes play a role in our risk of developing Alzheimer’s or related disorders. But that’s only part of the picture. “One-Third of All Dementia Cases Could Be Prevented,” in this issue of Hand in Hand, looked at a major new study on lifestyle choices that appear to protect brain health. Numerous other studies also have investigated controllable factors.

While we do pass a genetic legacy to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we can also create a tradition of brain health by making good lifestyle choices and talking to our families about diet, physical activity and controlling health conditions—a loving legacy indeed.

Some experts say puzzles like this one give our brain a good workout. Of course, this puzzle will only provide a few minutes of beneficial mental stimulation—but it also contains a reminder of 20 other things that could keep us sharp into our later years. Click here to download the puzzle and learn more about good habits that we can start right now.

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