An senior citizen uses his cell phone while driving.

Seniors, Put Away That Phone While You're Driving!

Published in August/September 2017 Issue

If you’re on the road much, you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to distracted driving. Drivers put themselves and others at risk of injury or death as they text or talk on their cellphones, read Facebook posts, take a selfie, fiddle with their in-dash entertainment system, put on makeup, eat a breakfast sandwich…

Senior couple sitting on porch with dog

Is Your Home Ready for Aging in Place?

Published in April 2014 Issue

It's time for spring cleaning! Most of us feel inclined to spruce up our homes and yards as the weather turns pleasant this time of year. But if you are a senior or family caregiver, or even if you have senior guests from time to time, your spring cleaning should especially focus on removing hazards and making improvements to keep these older adults safe and comfortable. Performing repairs and add features that allow the home to be more accessible means it will be a better environment for people of every age and ability.