Puzzle: Supporting Senior Exercise

Physical activity is so important for senior health! Today’s older adults are urged to get out of the rocking chair and out for a walk. There’s an appropriate exercise plan for almost every senior, no matter their health condition. Talk to the doctor about the activities that are right for your loved one. If your family uses or is considering using professional home care services, read “Home Care Helps Couch Potatoes Get Up and Moving” in this issue of Hand in Hand to learn how your caregiver can support your loved one’s fitness goals.

Need little motivation? This wordfind contains 20 words all having to do with helping older adults stay active. Give your brain a workout, too, and find them all! Download your copy of the puzzle here.

Need a little help? Download the solution here.

Source: Assisting Hands Home Care in association with IlluminAge. Copyright © IlluminAge, 2017.