"Good Fun, Good for the Brain" Wordfind

Recently, a company that sells “brain games” was admonished by the Federal Trade Commission to stop making overinflated claims about the benefits of their products. The company has agreed to make changes in their marketing program, but this has led some people to wonder: which activities really do build brain health?

The good news is, while “brain games” may be of some use, we don’t need to purchase products that are specially designed to improve our thinking. Neurologists tell us that many of the activities we enjoy can lower the level of harmful proteins that raise the risk of dementia. Taking part in these activities even encourages the development of new connections in the brain.


So go ahead and give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, which contains the names of 20 brain-boosting activities. Yes, even good old bingo is on the list! Several studies have demonstrated that it provides good mental exercise and improves thinking skills.

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